Insect Outreach Program

Genesee & Shiwassee Counties of Michigan

The Discover Bugs entomology outreach program is an entertaining and educational curriculum primarily for elementary school students, churches, libraries, and museums within Genesee & Shiawassee Counties. The program is presented by entomologist, Ryan Huether, and insect enthusiast, Andrew Markey. The goal of the program is to spark kids' early interest in science through hands-on activities using live and preserved insects. This is accomplished through a 60 minute visit and includes two main activities:

What is an insect?

We will first describe the basic characteristics of insects, then go more in depth with their enviroment and taxonomy. Students will have the opportunity to handle a live hissing cockroach and meet other relatives such as a praying mantis, millipedes, vinegaroon, and Chilean rose tarantula (all depending on availability).

Insect Diversity

Students will explore the amazing diversity of insects using preserved specimens from our personal insect collections — both native and exotic - giving them the opportunity to see just how many different shapes, sizes, and colors insects come in.


We have several hands-on activities and workshop stations designed for elementary schools. For preschool and kindergarten, we have an interactive activity that involves the children making an insect from play dough, while teaching insect anatomy. Students will also learn how insects can adapt to their environment by playing a quick game where students are shown photos and they must try and spot the insect. For older students, we are currently developing some activities and research experiments. Depending on financial support, we can even organize an outdoor insect collecting field trip in the summer, in addition to demonstrating how to properly pin an insect and start an insect collection for scientific study.


Interested in us presenting at your institution? Please contact us to schedule a time and day! Be sure to include significant information such as the name and address of the place where we'd be presenting, as well as how many children will be present.